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Waste to


By sending garbage to a waste-to-energy facility you are helping to save valuable natural resources and reduce greenhouse gases.
Waste-to-Energy facilities operate with state of the art air pollution control equipment that reduce air emissions resulting in one of the cleanest industries in Minnesota.


What are the benefits of


  • •A source of renewable energy
  • • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • •Supports recycling
  • • Keeps our waters clean




Read Wall Street Journal's article,
Garbage In, Energy Out




Our facilities. . . .

newportAfter MWPC, the first stop is Resource Recovery Technologies waste processing facility in Newport, Minnesota.

This facility is located in Newport, Minnesota, southeast of St. Paul, the Newport Plant accepts material from Washington, Ramsey, Hennepin and Dakota Counties. The facility receives material 6 days per week and processes 7 days per week, year round, except for Christmas Day.


wilmartBurnable materials are sent to the Wilmarth Power Plant in Mankato.

•Built in the 1940s as a coal-fired facility, Wilmarth's two units were converted in 1987 to burn RDF.

•Wilmarth was named after George Wilmarth, who served as chief operating engineer for Northern States Power Company, a predecessor to Xcel Energy.

•A two-unit generating plant that burns processed municipal solid waste, called refuse-drived fuel (RDF).

•Refuse-derived fuel (RDF), is a fluffy, burnable fuel produced at Resource Recovery Facilities in Newport and Elk River, Minnesota.